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Are you here because you heard about Addison Pest Control on TV? Our most recent media appearances include:

  • "Addison pest control was amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable. We had a false alarm but they took every step to put our minds at ease. Great customer service. Even though it was during the holiday season, they were available and quick to respond. If any other problems arise I will look to them in the future."

    Eric Morin
    5/5 Star Google Review
  • "When I discovered I had bed bugs it felt like the end of the world. After talking to Addison, late at night, panicking, I felt completely at ease. Addison provided me with 24 hour assistance and were there spraying the next day. Since the treatment we have had zero issues with bugs. Would definitely use Addison again, but it turns out once is enough!"

    Hannah B
  • "I travel ALOT for work and I had two cases of bed bugs from Hotels. It's a terrifying situation when you arrive back at home and think you might be bring bugs back with you, so I got Addison to spray my house and help me cover all my bases. It's extremely important to take every measure to ensure you're not bringing bugs back into your house, and the extermination process was quick, easy and affordable. I'm happy to say I have not had any bed bugs set up shop in my house and I think Addison is a key reason for this."

    Andre De Pape

Why choose Addison Pest Control?

A majority of our new customers find out about us through their friends – people we have helped in the past who were happy with our service. We often help people fix pest problems that have plagued them for months or years, in many cases after other companies have failed to fix the problem. Here are some reasons why:


Our same-day service = faster results.


Our treatment process includes at least 3 different treatment techniques.


Fully insured and licensed by the Ontario Government Ministry of the Environment.


Unmarked vehicles, plain uniforms – and we know how to handle nosey neighbours.

Better Guarantee

Pests are completely gone with only ONE visit or we come back for free.


Green techniques for your home and the safety of your family, friends, pets and the environment.


Thousands of happy customers, testimonials, awards, credentials and TV appearances.


Less prep and better results because our service is more thorough. No you don’t have to throw out any clothing or belongings. Do not throw out your furniture! – we will treat and protect it. No you don’t have to launder every piece of clothing in your home. You don’t even have to move furniture to the middle of the room – we do all the heavy lifting and put it all back in place when we are done.


Economical, but NOT at the expense of quality. Pests can be far less costly than you think – if you start off right and get it done properly.


Free quotes with transparent and straight-forward pricing. No surprises or hidden fees!


True experts, all with field experience. Only Ontario-based, certified exterminators with experience answer our phones and come to your home.

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