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Addison is best known for our bed bug extermination work. But we do ALL types of pest control.

Here’s what to expect:

1. We can answer all of your questions – and have the important facts you didn’t think to ask about.

2. We will give you a quote over the phone – no waiting.

3. Our flat rate pricing includes multiple visits – as many treatments as needed to get rid of your problem.

Important Fact: We eliminate bed bugs with only ONE VISIT. Our treatments are a lot more thorough than other services. We do three different treatments all on the same day (heat treatment, crack & crevice treatment and the residual spray treatment). We can almost always completely eradicate the infestation with only one visit – if not, we come back at no charge and perform the whole process all over again a second, third or more times within the warranty period until they are COMPLETELY gone.

4. We will schedule an appointment time that is best for you – morning, daytime or evening.Same-day service is available.

We have never failed to eliminate any pest infestation.

Call Addison now for a free no-obligation quote: 416-628-6963.


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